Busy Week at Snake River Veterinary Center

brentIt has been an eventful week at Snake River Veterinary Center.  We started off the week with our client appreciation barbecue last tuesday evening.  We had a great turn out and got to visit with old friends and new.  The weather was not exaclty cooperative but we managed to barbecue some hot dogs, give some tours of the facility and put on a couple equine demonstrations out behind our barn.  Thanks to all who attended.  The staff at SRVC enjoys showing everyone a little of what we do and the barbecue was a great opportunity to do that.  Maybe next time the Idaho weather will be a little more cooperative.

Our next event was the Singe and Riley Memorial Dog (and Cat) Wash to help support Payette Partnes Rescue Ranch.  Again, we had great attendance and met some new friends and got to visit with some old ones.  We all had a great time and generated some cash and food donations to help Lyn out at Payette Partners.  Lyn has her hands full so anything we can do to help is worth it.   Hopefully we can do it again and have an even bigger turn out.  Once again, thanks to everyone who brought pets down to see us.  We appreciate all of you.

Next, I would like to personally thank everyone involved in putting on both events.  First, thanks to all of our vendors that supported us with prizes and food.  Thanks to the Fruitland FFA for loaning us their barbecue.  Thanks also goes to Dacshund Rescue Idaho for supporting both events and to Dog House Hund Haus hot dog stand for setting up to feed hungry patrons of the dog wash.  Also thanks to those clients who showed up early and stayed late to help us set up and clean up.   A special thanks goes to all of the members of the SRVC team.  Mike, Penny, Krysta, Jo, Lissa, Kylie, Reanna, Amy, Holly, Dr. Janitell, Ashlee, Dr. Woodcock, and Shelbi all worked very hard to get ready for both events.  I am fortunate to have a caring, capable staff and without their help Snake River Veterinary Center would not be possible.  They really do make an awesome crew.  I also want to say thanks to Dan and Trevor (Janine’s and Dr. Janitell’s husbands) for also helping out.  They went above and beyond and I appreciate it.  Also thanks to Sophia for helping us at the dog wash.

Finally, I need to give a special thanks to Janine, our office manager.  Events like these take a lot of planning and work.  Janine did an awesome job and without her leading the charge we could not have put these events together. I hope she enjoys a couple well deserved days off.

Happy Fourth of July to everyone!  Remember to keep your dogs inside when the fireworks start.

Upcoming Snake River Veterinary Center Events….Join us for the fun!

brentBy now many of you are aware of two events at Snake River Veterinary Center, scheduled for next week.  First, on Tuesday, June 18th from 6:00 to 8:00 pm is our client appreciation open house.  We will have a barbecue and door prizes as well as clinic tours and an equine demonstration by SRVC technician Mike Thiel.  This is a great oportunity to stop by and say hello.  The second event is our Singe and Riley Memorial Dog Wash (cats too).  All proceeds from this event will go to help support Payette Partners Rescue Ranch in New Plymouth.  Lyn  at Payette Partners works hard and does a great job helping dogs, cats, and horses that need a “paw” or “hoof” up.  This event is scheduled for Saturday, June 22 from 2:00 to 6:00 pm.  The Dog House Hund Haus hot dog stand will be there in case you want to have some lunch while you are waiting.  Skye and Eddie are generously donating a portion of their proceeds from sales to Payette Partners.  Dachsund Rescue of Idaho will also be there in support of the event and the rescue ranch.  If you would like more information or would like to schedule a time to get your dog or cat washed, give us a call at 208 452-7950.

The event is named after our long time clinic dog, Singe, who passed away this spring at 14 years old.  It is also a memorial to one of our favorite feline visitors, Riley, who also passed away this spring.   Riley stayed with us frequently while his owners were out of town due to special medical attention he required.

We hope you will join us for these events.  Our staff looks forward to seeing you there.  Bring a Friend!