brentOn Monday of this week, we were presented with a Golden Retriever named Jax that was deliberately shot in front of his owner’s house located on 4th Ave, east of Fruitland.  The owner was in the house when she heard Jax barking.  When she went outside to see what was up, she witnessed a person in a tan, older model Ford pickup shoot Jax from the side of the road and leave.

When Jax was brought to Dr. Janitell at Snake River Veterinary Center, he was shocky, painful, and had a bullet wound in his lower abdomen.  He had lost a significant amount of blood.  Dr. Janitell was able to stabilze Jax with IV fluids and then proceeded to perform surgery to evaluate the damage done to Jax’s internal organs.  Dr. Janitell explored his abdomen and found 3 or 4 sections of small intestine that were damaged by the bullet.  Drs. Janitell and Varriale were able to repair the wounds but had to remove several sections of small intestine.  Jax was in surgery for more than 3 hours.

Today, we are happy to say that Jax is going home.  He is still very sore and has a lot of healing and recuperating to do, but his attitude is improving daily.  We are optimistic that he will make a complete recovery.

We are all shocked and saddened that something like this happened.  Jax’s owners live in the country and have no close neighbors.  They can not understand why someone would want to harm Jax in any way.  Our hope is that someone may recognize the pickup description or be able to help find out why this happened.  The Payette County Sherrif was notified but has little to work with.  Our concern is that something like this could happen again.  If you have any information please call the Payette County Sherrif at 642-6008.2013-01-31_11-46-35_904 (1)

Snake River Veterinary Center is Now Offering Embryo Transfer

brentSnake River Veterinary Center is excited to announce that we are now offering bovine and equine embryo transfer services to our clients.  Embryo transfer (ET) is the process where fertilized eggs from a cow or mare are flushed out of the donor animal and transferred into recipient females that carry the pregnancy to term.  The procedure allows highly valuable animals to produce multiple offspring in a single year when they would normally only produce one.   ET is a great way to produce animals with superior genetics.

February is National Pet Dental Month

jenniferDoes your pet have bad breath? Does he or she have trouble eating?  These things may be clues to a more serious problem going on in your pet’s mouth.  Eighty percent of dogs and seventy percent of cats show signs of periodontal disease by the time they are 3 years old.

Oral health is not just about a clean mouth.  The bacteria present in the tarter and plaque may enter the blood stream and colonize in the heart, kidney, liver, and other internal organs.  This may lead to organ failure or other serious problems.

The good news is that we can prevent periodontal disease in our pets with regular dental cleanings.  Snake River Veterinary Center is honoring National Pet Dental Month with $50 off all canine and feline dental performed in the month of February.  This is a great opportunity to improve your pet’s oral health and give you peace of mind.  Call us at (208) 452-7950 to schedule an appointment today.