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Dental Disease
Does your pet have bad breath? Although this subject is joked about frequently, it is not a laughing matter. Dental disease affects 80% of our pets over the age of three. Just like in humans there are serious consequences to dental disease including infections, pain, and tooth loss.  In severe cases, bacteria produced in a diseased mouth can enter the blood stream and cause problems in kidneys, the heart and other internal organs.  An oral exam is recommended annually.  If your pet has bad breath, is reluctant to eat, or has abnormal swelling of the mouth or jaw schedule an appointment for an exam as soon as possible.
Snake River Veterinary Center offers comprehensive small animal services in a clean, comfortable hospital.  Certified veterinary technicians and assistants provide your pet with care and compassion while helping our veterinarians make sure your pets get the care they deserve.  Listed below are some of the services we offer.

Soft tissue and orthopedic surgerySoft tissue and orthopedic surgery:  From routine spays and neuters to selected orthopedic procedures and fracture repairs, all surgeries are performed in our dedicated surgery suite.  A certified veterinary technician and assistant constantly monitor your pet’s vital signs with the help of specialized equipment.  Special attention is given to each patient to manage and control pain associated with injuries and surgery.

Medicine:  Diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions.

Wellness exams and preventative medicine:  Annual or semi-annual wellness exams are the first step to keeping your pet happy and healthy.

Vaccination programs:   Vaccination protocols don’t fall into a “one shot fits all” program.  We try to vaccinate your pet according to its needs and risk of disease exposure.

Parasite Control:  Testing, treating, and prevention of internal and external parasites are important to the health of your pet.  Parasites are not only dangerous to your pet, but certain ones are zoonotic or can potentially be passed to humans where they may cause serious disease.

In house and referral laboratory testing:  Snake River Veterinary Center is equipped with a complete in-house laboratory capable of performing blood chemistries, complete blood counts, urinalyses, Parvovirus infections, Feline Leukemia Virus, Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, parasite screening, and others.  We also utilize numerous referral laboratories to perform those tests we don’t have available to us in-house.

Artificial insemination: We perform non surgical artificial insemination for canine patients.

Imaging:  Snake River Veterinary Center is equipped with x-ray and ultrasound to meet a variety of imaging needs.

DentistryProphylactic dental cleanings include dental scaling and polishing.  When necessary, advanced dental techniques, antibiotics, and pain management with be utilized for tooth extractions and oral surgery.

Boarding:  We offer overnight boarding for both canine and feline visitors in clean, comfortable runs and cages.  Cats are housed away from the hustle and bustle of the busy hospital and dogs enjoy spacious runs in a climate controlled, odor free environment.  Dogs are taken to our exercise yard several times daily where they are allowed to play and enjoy being out in our secure area.

In house pharmacy:  Snake River Veterinary Center maintains an in-house pharmacy complete with most medications your pet may need for your convenience.

Emergency services:  Emergencies happen and the doctors participating in our on call service are there to provide your pet with care if something happens after regular business hours.  Call (208) 452-7950 and follow the instructions to reach a veterinarian after hours.

End of life and cremation services:  As pet owners, we don’t like to consider the possibility of having to make the decision to euthanize a pet, but sometimes it is a decision we have to make.  It is a difficult, emotional time.  Our caring staff will help you through the process with compassion and understanding.

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